Mattec turns your ideas into reality



Mattec Interiors is a company specialized in custom retail design projects and their realization, with a typical Italian approach based on a wide know-how, accurately studied details and the capacity to perform special manufacturing processes using distinctive materials.

Mattec turns your ideas into reality: unique spaces where the furniture comes from the expert hands of our craftsmen after a careful engineering process and selection of materials. Every single step is coordinated by a Project Manager who follows and supports the client during the entire project.



Mattec combines design and manufacturing excellence to a total control over logistics and installation operations anywhere in the world: we are built to support your needs on any continent.

With the same attention and high product quality, the company handles the installation of single stores and roll-out projects, shop-in-shop and corners, flagship stores and outlets.



Regardless of the scale of the intervention, we at Mattec take care with the same attention to all stages of your project, thanks to a well-established project management process. The workflow is constantly monitored to ensure the expected quality and compliance with deadlines and costs.

Strong expertise, commitment and flexibility
ensure a reliable project management
for the realization of unique and tailor-made spaces.


Th.Kohl group

Since 2014, Mattec has been part of the Gruppo Th.Kohl, an international brand headquartered in Verona which has been operating for over a century in the retail sector, through its various European branches.



Mattec was founded in 2013 as spin-off of TH.KOHL, Italian leader in the sector of interior design for pharmacies, that continues to develop original and innovative projects, anticipating strategic development in its sector.

Since then, Mattec has built up a consolidated experience and guarantees utter reliability whatever the scale of the project. Thanks to a project management process, the company ensures the expected quality, time and costs. In order to bring ideas to reality, Mattec supports designers in their search for solutions concerning the feasibility of new retail concepts and works closely with them throughout the entire creative process.

MATTEC S.R.L. - Viale Zileri 4/6 36050 Monteviale (VI) - Partita IVA/Codice Fiscale: 04220700233 - REA VR-402589 - Capitale Sociale 50.000,00 €

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